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Destination Commerce creates OneBoat Local Networks and robust multi-channel marketing tools to make it easy for small businesses and organizations to connect with their customers every day.

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OneBoat: Where you meet local.
You’re in town. You can bet there are fantastic restaurants, superb shops, amazing nightlife, fun things to do… if you only knew where, when and what! You need a local.
Ergo, you need OneBoat.


Where the local establishments you know & love
(including yours) get a big voice every day.

Live information all day, every day can only happen if it comes from the local establishments themselves. Who knows better than the museum what the exhibit is today? Who knows better than the ski resort that the slopes are opening tomorrow? When everyone gets a voice — you get to know everything.

[A few examples of ways businesses use OneBoat to get the word out]
Restaurant Daily Specials | Sample Restaurant Landing Page | Fishing Report | Whalehead Club Event Sample

Where content actually is king.
When OneBoat covers an area, expect to find all the information you need. Expect to see the whole community represented with writeups, not only by ads and reviews. If you have a business, expect it to be written up by an objective local author. Also, expect to find info on all the things to do, what’s happening tonight, even the soup of the day at your favorite restaurant. And expect what is presented to be driven by what you need to know, not by who has paid for an ad.

[Here are some samples on the Outer Banks]
All Duck NC Shopping | All Nags Head Restaurants | All Corolla Recreation | Nags Head Restaurant Specials
Outer Banks Live Information

Where local really means local.
You can’t really represent local unless you are local. That means local writers, local staff, local service and deep local knowledge. It also means an on-the-ground commitment to the community through support for schools and nonprofits.

[See what we mean by local knowledge and commitment]
OneBoat Outer Banks Blog | Arts Council OneBoat Page | Manteo High School Page

Many to One & One to Many.
MANY TO ONE — Everyone has a website these days, but if you are looking for where to go for lunch or what to do this weekend, do you really have time to go through 40 websites for information? OneBoat’s act of aggregating information from the MANY places we look and presenting it in ONE widely distributed feed is a basic service that provides revolutionary results, both for those looking for information as well as for those wanting to get their word out.

ONE TO MANY — The easiest way to understand OneBoat’s One to Many distribution network is to think of real estate’s multiple listing service. Just as with the MLS, when information is entered into OneBoat’s system, it is distributed on websites well beyond our own — on customers’ websites, hotel sites, tourist bureau sites, emails (ours and other’s), mobile tools and social media (in a big way). ONE information source, distributed to MANY locations.

[Samples of some of the many locations OneBoat’s information is distributed]
Outer Banks Hilton | Inn At Corolla Light Events Calendar | Currituck County Travel & Tourism| Outer Banks Blue